Update On Canadian Bus Cannibal

Back in 2008 the absolutely sensational story of Vince Li was a topic of the news and I spent a lot of time discussing it on the radio show.  It was a horrible story of a man who’d lost his mind, and while on a Greyhound Bus in Canada ended up brutally killing, chopping up and eating part of the guy sitting next to him. (you can read a full account here).

Li was found to be not criminally responsible of killing, carving up and eating Tim McClean, and has been in a mental institution ever since.  Almost unbelievably, the Criminal Code Review Board last week has allowed Li to take short escorted trips into the nearby city.  If those go well, he will be allowed to take longer trips, to the point where he could be allowed out for full days.

McLean’s family is understandably frustrated by the decision and has been leading an effort to fight the law that deals with people found not criminally responsible.  Said McLean’s mother, “”My son died this way to shed light on the issue,” DeDelley told reporters. “I’m not stigmatizing mental issues. If he’s doing well in a controlled environment with regularly administrated medications leave him there … but freedom for him? I don’t think that should ever be an option.”

Li’s doctor reports that he’s been on medications and experiences no symptoms or hallucinations, and presents only a 0.8% chance of having a violent outburst.  “The privileges being asked for . . . would not place the public at high risk,” the doctor told the board. “He has done very well. He has been a robust responder. He understands if he were not to take his medication, he would experience a deterioration.”