Space Performance Anxiety

Falcon 9 launches with first Dragon spacecraft

The job of the space-launch-announcer-person must require them to be on some sort of valium or downers…

Saturday morning the first foray into a private company attempting to launch a craft into space with the intention of docking with the International Space Station was supposed to happen, but it didn’t.  “SpaceX” is a mission to push the Dragon capsule, filled with supplies and tests up to the ISS, dock with it, and return to Earth.  It’s unmanned, and comes at a considerably smaller cost than what NASA used to do this same thing for.  But Saturday was the third attempt, and when it failed, literally at the last half-second, it continued the arguments that space exploration, travel and service should be left to governments.

But for our entertainment, watching the failed launch video is some pretty good comedy if only because of the announcer’s completely muted response after his full countdown…and then nothing.

The next attempt will come in the wee hours of Tuesday morning.  Maybe the fourth time is a charm.  *update*  the rocket did successfully launch this morning (Tuesday)

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