It Happened In Florida

Road rage is a pretty common occurrence these days, and with every idiot spending more time looking at their phone than the road, rage is pretty understandable.

But in Florida, Douglas Edward Hasselman took it to a new, different level when he got into an altercation with a 54 year old woman who’d bumped into his Chevy Malibu in an intersection.  She pulled over and Hassleman got out and confronted her, and by confronting, I mean beating her.  First with his fists, but then grabbing her 16oz bottle of TrueMoo Chocolate Milk and hitting about the head and face with with it.  As she pulled away, Hassleman leaned into the car’s window to continue the beating before leaving the scene.

But then oddly, while paramedics were on the scene treating the woman, Hassleman returned, got out of his car and began to yell obscenities at the woman.  Police arrived and arrested him after he gave himself away by telling police he’d never hit her with a bottle, despite the fact that no one had yet accused him of using a bottle.


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