You Can Run But You Can’t Hide

A Russian couple got into an argument so heated that the boyfriend felt the need to run away from her, and she pursued.

The 31 year old man claims that he ran to escape from her and decided to try and hide in the garbage chute of the apartment building they lived in.  He hopped in on the 8th floor, closed the lid trying to disguise his location, but then began to fall down the chute three more stories until he was stuck on the fifth floor. He was found by others in the building as he began to cry for help.

Above is an actual picture of the man as he was found.  It took fire and rescue and the jaws of life to extract him from the chute.  He was not seriously hurt and is already back at work.  He also refused to explain the argument and the girlfriend was not in the building at the time he was rescued.


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