The World’s Most Anticipated BM

Did you know that jails have places called “dry cells”?  Cells without sinks, toilets or anyplace its prisoner could get rid of something.

In Canada there is one of these dry cells and in it sits a man the country is just waiting for to take a poop.

Richard Mackenzie Matthews, 52 – wanted in several parts of Canada for diamond theft – has been caught after walking into a Windsor jeweler and pulling his scam by swapping a 1.7 carat diamond with a cubic zirconia.  When the employees realized what he’d done they locked him in the store, and the man put the diamond in his mouth and swallowed it.  Now, in custody, the world waits for him to pass it.

Every time nature calls an officer takes a cup to Matthews who has yet to drop the diamond, but X-rays show something in his intestines that look like the rock worth a reported $20K.  The police also have him in custody away from other prisoners to protect him from those that may try to find other ways to extract the diamond from his insides.

We will keep you posted.


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