Extreme Cruising

Alan Petrusson, of Pillager, Minn has taken the activity of cruising the city park to a whole new level.

Petrusson, 50, was spotted last week naked, blindfolded and bound spread eagle to trees in a local Minneapolis park, allegedly waiting for an anonymous sexual encounter.

Police say that park workers spotted the man with both pairs of wrists and ankles tied at four points to trees, and it was also described that he was sitting on some sort of swing contraption.  When police arrived Petrusson was gone, but a rope and the swing had been left behind.  Police did find his car and in it, pornography.  About the time it was to be towed away Petrusson appeared and turned himself in.  He told the very suspicious story that he had tied himself to the trees with slipknots. (peet: is that even possible?)

Officials say that cruising the park has been going on for years, but this was the oddest of all the stories.  Petrusson faces charges of indecent exposure, a misdemeanor.

via CBS Local