No Dirty Butt In Our Fountain

Last week a new greenspace was opened in Downtown Dallas.  It is called Belo Gardens and I now get to walk through it each way, to and from, my weekly “Chick-fil-A Monday” lunch.

It’s a beautiful place.  Really an oasis of native trees, grass and flowers smack dab in the middle of concrete, well, everything…  It also features a fountain that grows out of the walkway.  The trick, cool thing about it is how it drains into the square blocks that make up the path without there being an apparent drain.  There a spaces just wide enough between them that the water falls away, almost mysteriously… Really was enjoying the park and then saw this most obvious of signs.  Note, this isn’t any sign.  This is a giant piece of steel whose lettering appears to have been laser cut and powder coated.  This is one nice sign.

Now you can read the sign…

As I began to read it, I snickered at the ridiculousness of having to instruct people that wearing “water shoes” was mandatory.  But as I went along and realized that the city felt the obligation to also rule out “contagious disease”, “diaper changing” and “diarrhea” – well my Dallas pride broke just a little.