schizophrenia + unicycle + nudity

45 year old Joseph Glynn Farley was arrested Thursday on a misdemeanor charge of indecent exposure after riding his unicycle over a Galveston area bridge in the buff.

Farley, well known in the area, suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and doesn’t acknowledge his condition and doesn’t believe he is sick.  He is regularly seen in the area riding his unicycle.  Yesterday he was dangerously riding it on a bridge, not staying in his lane, weaving into traffic and falling down.  He was wearing his clothes at the time and police simply asked him to stop riding for the day.  Police report he agreed and left the area without incident.

But before they could do anything about it, Farley had removed all his clothes and was back on the bridge, riding in the other direction naked.

Farley’s father told the local media, “Over the last six-plus years he’s steadily gone downhill,” Carl Farley said of his son. “He frequently suffers from delusions and loss of contact with reality, which is what the bridge incident illustrates. Oftentimes he doesn’t know right from wrong.”

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