Pit Bull Is a Hero, Yes – Hero!

Pit Bulls generally end up in the news because one eats a small human.

But Lilly, an eight year old Pitt is the bravest of dogs and was willing to sacrifice her life for that of her owner.

Lilly’s owner is an alcoholic.  She somehow ended up on train tracks in the middle of the night and fell unconscious on the tracks.  Lilly, realizing an approaching train pushed or pulled her owner off of the tracks and ended up being hit by the train herself suffering critical injuries.  The owner was unharmed in the incident, but Lilly’s injuries were severe – she lost a front leg, but will survive.

Lily’s story has touched many people and more than $55,000 has been raised to help pay for her $15,000 vet bills that have piled up.  The extra money will go towards the expenses of other animals.

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