PeeWee Herman Loves This Story

Danny Lesh is a man in love with his bike.  It’s a Cannondale hybrid he paid $600 for back in the late 1900’s.  As an avid cyclist the bike means a lot to him, so when it was stolen Lesh began a big adventure that finishes with a happy ending.

Lesh’s bike was stolen after a friend had secured it with your standard cable bike lock.  Obviously those are easily defeated by any thief with a will and a way.  With his bike missing and he began to look around to see if anyone was trying to sell it, and sure enough on Craigslist (where else?) he found his bike, for sale – asking price?  $100.  Lesh knew this was his bike because of a specific sticker he’d placed on the bike and was clearly visible in the picture on the Craigslist ad.  He called the police who told them they couldn’t look into it immediately.  Lesh had to act.

Lesh quickly made the decision to respond to the ad and set up a time to meet the seller/thief.  He went to the location when the man and the bike emerged from an alley and Lesh asked to take it for a “test ride”.

Lesh hopped on the bike, started peddling, and simply rode home – never looking back.

The thief called Lesh on his cell several times, leaving messages that if the bike wasn’t returned he was going to call the police.  Lesh responded with a Craiglist ad of his own posting his story and the warning that expensive bikes for sale on the site may likely be stolen goods.  “Honestly… I couldn’t help feeling bad for all the other people he’d stolen bikes from,” Lesh said


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