Lizard Smuggling or Just Lunch?

A German man returning  from the middle eastern country of Oman was arrested at the Munich airport in Germany after almost 50 reptiles were found in his luggage.

Geckos, spiny-tailed lizards and other reptiles were found in the man’s suitcase and officials assumed he was bringing them into Germany to sell on the black market.  Some of the lizards there are worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars, but the man had a defense of his actions – one that he was willing to prove on the spot.

He claimed that the animals were with him because he, “wanted to prepare them as food”.  Insisting that the contraband was actually dinner, the man offered to bite off the head of one of the animals and eat it, right there in the airport, to prove his claim.  The officials declined the offer and confiscated the animals anyway.

The animals are now in the custody of vets and the smuggler is facing a hefty fine.


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