When Your Manhood Is Challenged…

It started simply as a debate:  “Who can have the most sex”.

Calvin Bernard Hill, 54, and another man, sitting in the back of a PT Cruiser on Sunday night were having this discussion, when it turned more into an argument, then it became an altercation.

At some point, as a female was driving the car, Hill and the unnamed victim got into a fight in the back seat and resulted in the latter being stabbed in the ribs.  The driver took the man to the hospital where he was found to be bleeding profusely, and told police (oddly one named “Captain Morgan”) that Hill had thrown the knife out the car window because he couldn’t afford to “go down for this”.

Hill told the police that the victim had actually “stabbed himself” and that he wasn’t involved.

Hill was arrested and held on $10,000 bond.


via The Smoking Gun, and thx @movefwdfitness for the tip

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