Two Words: “Masturbation Races”

Zachary Meints, 24, a former youth hockey coach was arrested on by Boulder police on five counts of Internet Sexual Exploitation of a Child.  Dating back as far as 2009 Meints was talking online with boys as young as 13 while working as an assistant coach with the Boulder Hockey Club, and continued when he changed clubs a couple of years later.  That team was called, “The RoughRiders”. (peet: snicker)

Meints alledgely has admitted to chatting with boys and encouraging them to send him photos of themselves naked and challenging them via Facebook to “masturbation races”.  Meints is out on bond and his arraignment is at the end of this month.  His actions were discovered when another coach overheard him talking to players not on their team and later heard players on their team talking about Meints.  The coach asked one boy who told him he would get texts from Meints about hockey, but then would turn to other conversations about sex and requests for nude pics.  The boy even told that Meints contacted him just a couple of weeks after the boy’s mother had died, asking about the size of his penis and for pics.  He claims that Meints once sent him pics of himself posing naked.

Police began to question other boys and found that Meints had been conducting similar conversations with several other hockey players – including using Facebook as a way to talking to them, asking for pictures and challenging them to races with pictorial evidence that they’d “finished the race”.  (peet:  Eeewww)

via ABC 7 News

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