This is Too Much Mothering

32 year old Mistie Atkinson has taken the idea of loving her teenage son too far.

She was arrested on charges of incest after police found her in a hotel room with her 16 year old biological son.  Not only incest, but she additionally faces specific charges of oral copulation, contact with a minor and sending harmful material.  The latter charge stems from the police finding videos on Atkinson’s cell phone of the pair in different sexual acts and a series of text messages between the two.  The messages were sexually explicit, contained nude pictures and discussed the idea of the pair running away together.  Police believe that Atkinson began sending the boy texts and pics of herself back in December of last year.

The boy is now in the custody of his father and Atkinson is in jail on $200,000 bail.  The boy’s father has full custody and has told police he understands that Atkinson is his mother, but it is unknown how much contact the two had prior to this affair.  Atkinson now also has a restraining order against her.

via Nappa Valley Register


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