Sunbathers or Roadkill?

13-year-olds Samantha Schermanhorn and Kaylie George are not exactly critical thinkers.

Not only were they laying out in the sun and fell asleep, but they’d done so while laying out in the middle of the road in front of their Beaver County (snicker) Pennsylvania home.  A 19 year old cousin arriving home from a trip to the store stopped at the corner and made a turn onto the street and ran over both of the girls.  They were both airlifted to a local hospital and are in fair condition.

The girls were awake when paramedics arrived and explained how they’d fallen asleep on the road.  The boy was interviewed by police where they decided it was an accident and he wasn’t at fault.

Watch the video linked here (I can’t embed it, sorry)… It’s worth the interviews with the teens alone.  Oddly there are no adults interviewed in this story… But the grandmother was quoted by WTAE, “I think maybe she’s learned her lesson,” grandmother Sylvia Schermerhorn Vogt said. “She’s not a dumb kid. She’s a smart girl.”


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