Great News from Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel is really important in the music part of my life.

In 1986 he released “So”, an album that was met with a lot of derision from his hardest core fans, but also introduced him to a wider, more mainstream audience, such as myself.  “So” lead me to his other, darker, works and then to his part in Genesis (the original, cool progressive rock version).

Anyway, fast forward to 1993.  Gabriel had released “Up” and went on a tour.  I didn’t get to see the tour he did for “So” and when he brought the ‘Secret World Tour’ to Dallas I was about as excited as I’d ever been in my young life to see this concert.  I took my new girlfriend at the time and told her in an odd conversation how “important” this show was to me.  I remember her looking at me like I was extremely silly, and today I’m thankful despite all of that she ended up marrying me.

Also at that time I  was in the early stages of my radio career and had a part time gig at Q102, the Dallas heritage rock station and thru that I got two bitchin’ seats.  Seats I would in no way be able to otherwise afford.

The show turned out to be a revelation to me.  The two stages, connected with a bridge, the imagery and all of the visuals just blew my mind.  It wasnt just a concert.  It was a fully choreographed spectacle that leaned more towards what you would see at a Cirque du Soleil performance.  From the opening song “Please Talk To Me”, Gabriel appears in an English style phone booth, on the phone.  As he implores the person he’s talking with, he leaves the booth with the receiver in hand… The cord keeps extending with him as he walks away. Walking from one stage to the other, phone in hand, cord stretching along with him, it was a visual that is burned in my memory.  Later, he would reveal his own face from a mound in the self-realizing song, “Digging in the Dirt”,  the powerful performance of my personal favorite “Red Rain” and Paula Cole’s place in the very effecting and personal “Don’t Give Up” is actually better than Kate Bush’s original on the CD.

The reason I am telling you all of this is because Gabriel announced yesterday that “Secret World Live“, the Grammy Award winning film from 1994 has been restored, remastered and will be re-released on BlueRay in July of this year.  The original 16mm film was cleaned, then scanned at 2k and will be available in full high definition.  Wonderfully, the performance, filmed in Modena, Italy across two nights in November 1993 will include Red Rain which was omitted from the original DVD release.

I have waited for this version to be released for a long time.  If you have even the slightest interest, when it comes out, watch it.  It’s tremendous.