Does The Lemon Law Apply Here?

BMW India Private Limited

Henry Wolf of California has sued BMW for what must be the most awkward of maintenance issues.

His motorcycle has given him a permi-boner.

Wolf claims that his 1993 BMW motorcycle, with its “ridge like seat” caused him to develop an erection that has lasted for 20 months.  The condition began after a four hour ride and while there is no actual data to support the claim doctors can confirm that compression of the neuromuscular supply to the penis can cause different issues.  Wolf claims that ironically, despite having the unstoppable erection he has been rendered unable to “engage in sexual activity” and all of the emotional and mental anguish that comes with that – are all part of his lawsuit.

BMW discovered Wolf wasn’t using the original seat the bike was made with.  It was a $200 aftermarket seat made by seatmaker Corbin-Pacific, and they too are named in the suit.