There Goes That “Teacher of the Year” Award

The Dallas Morning News reported today that John McDaniel, a band teacher at a Colleyville Middle School has been arrested for soliciting a minor online and having an improper relationship with a student.  While this type of story pops up in the news pretty much on a daily basis, there are a couple of special notes about this one.

First, John McDaniel was listed as Teacher of the Year going into the 2013 school year as printed in a school newsletter than has since been taken offline.  And secondly, the nature of McDaniel’s relationship and actions with this teenage girl are really pretty shocking.

From the DMN blog, the girl’s brother was reportedly digging thru her Gmail account and found that she was exchanging nude pictures. He told their parents and the story unfolded from there.  The allegations date back (2010-2011) to when the girl was a student in the band that McDaniel was teaching.  She would have been 13 at the time.  She claims that the two started chatting via Facebook, sharing issues with their families and that opened the door for McDaniel to begin creepy conversations.  Starting with telling the girl he thought she was pretty, and leading to describing that he masturbated while thinking of her and asking what she looked like naked.

Because the girl was unable to send digital pics, she left one of herself nude on her own cell phone on McDaniels desk.  He returned the phone, but only after taking a picture of his junk with it and leaving it on the phone for her to find.  This began a lengthy continuous exchange of dirty pics and sexting even after the girl had moved up to the high school.  The most recent exchange happened because she’d told McDaniel that she’d also sent nude pics of herself to a boy in her school.  McDaniel asked if he could see what she had sent to the kid and as the DMN reports, that is apparently what the brother found in her Gmail account.

McDaniel submitted to a voluntary interview with police and admitted to having sexually explicit conversations with the girl and sending pictures of his instrument.  The school district made a statement today reporting that the teacher had been put on leave and had been arrested.  In the same statement it is announced that “The field trip to Six Flags tomorrow for fine arts students will take place as scheduled with administration and teacher chaperones.”

(peet: if there was ever a place for inappropriate band trips to take place, its Six Flags.  Trust me)

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Stephanie Irene Santana is 20 and pregnant with her second child.  She is also in a lot of trouble.

Santana was arrested early Tuesday morning when she was found asleep in her car, with the engine running, and obviously drunk.  Her 1 year old daughter was in the car, along with beer and a bottle of Xanax.  Santana also failed a field sobriety test.

But witnesses say that Santana earlier had parked her car, left her daughter inside and entered a Houston area tattoo parlor for a piercing.  She was denied because she was drunk and as she left the business witnesses saw the daughter in the car.  Santana was taken to a local area hospital for an evaluation, was charged with driving while intoxicated and endangering a child and the daughter was turned over to Child Protection Services.

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It Seemed Like Such a Good Idea

Paulo Henrique dos Santos, a 34 year old Brazilian man, had the clever idea of painting himself green, like The Hulk, for a running event.

The only problem is that the paint Paulo used wasn’t water soluble, or easily removed.  In fact, what he’d applied all over his body was paint intended for ballistic missiles and nuclear submarines.  Paulo had done this stunt before but was forced to use a different paint when what he’d successfully used before wasn’t available at the store.

There is some concern over the toxicity of the paint, although he has shown no symptoms.  He’s been forced to sleep in a room covered in plastic, and was only successful in getting most of the paint off of his skin after a day long scrubbing session by friends and neighbors.


Most Extreme Senior Prank Ever

A Danish High School was in to witness maybe the most stunning senior prank of all time.  During the graduation ceremony a video was being shown highlighting the seniors’ time in the school.  But in the middle of the video a segment was spliced in that shocked everyone – a sex video of one of the male seniors.

The woman in the video was not from the school, but the 450 graduating members all knew who the guy was.

The school reported that they know that the two in the video had been filmed without their knowledge and have found the identity of the students responsible for shooting, editing and adding the video to the presentation.  The school hasn’t pressed any charges but has encouraged the two in the video to follow up with pressing charges as the principal stated, “However, we have encouraged the two young people who appear in the video to proceed with the case. It is really them, and not the school, that was violated.”

via The Daily Mail

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Who Knew Fishing Was So Dangerous?

In South Florida over the long weekend Jack Wiseman participated in a fishing tournament.  Wiseman is a wounded war vet with a prosthetic arm after losing his real arm while on duty.

During the expedition Wiseman hooked a fish, but the fish fought back with enough force that Wiseman’s prosthetic arm popped off, fell into the water along with his rod and reel all attached to the escaping fish and disappeared under the surface.

But Wiseman was fortunate that the exact same fish was later caught by another fisherman, with his fake arm still attached to it, and had it returned to him.

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What’s Up With the Zombie Stuff?

After this past weekend’s face-earing incident in Miami, now there is a report from New Jersey of Wayne Carter, 43, who threw his own intestines at police.

Police were called to the home of Carter because he reportedly was threatening to hurt himself.  He’d barricaded the bedroom door and once police got entry into the room Carter was found holding 12 inch kitchen knife.  They asked him to drop it but Carter began to stab himself repeatedly in the chest and abdomen, the wounds began to expose his innards and as police approached to stop him Carter actually began to grab at, and throw, his intestines at the police.

Police retreated from the scene when pepper spray was unable to stop him, and a SWAT team was called in to final get the man under control.  Despite his injuries Carter is still alive, but in critical condition in a local hospital.  Police are unsure if drug, mental issues or a combination of the two lead to the incident.  But Carter has had run-ins with police before and has been taken to the hospital for psychiatric reasons in the past.


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Peeping Tom Punch Out

Zachary Van Zandt, 21, of Ohio, has told police that he has a “sexual implies problem” and was to have started counciling in a couple of weeks.  In the meantime he’s been spending his time acting as a Peeping Tom in the dressing room area of his local Target.

He was arrested over the weekend after his cell phone was taken from him as he stuck it under the door of a dressing room to take a pic of Nancy Yingling.  The women not only grabbed the phone, but then confronted Van Zandt who tried to forcibly take back the phone, only to have Yingling push him and punch him in the face a few times.   Van Zandt went down and was later arrested with charged with voyeurism and tampering with evidence.

Police report that Van Zandt admitted to doing this same trick four or five other times at other stores in the area.  More charges are expected.  A local official told the media, “He told us he was on his way to an AA meeting when he spotted a ‘good opportunity to get some video’.


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The Perils Of Internet Bragging

A 17 year old Australian girl learned a hard lesson about Facebook after flashing a wad of cash on her account.

While helping her grandmother count personal savings the girl took a picture of the wad of cash and posted it to her Facebook account.  That night two men, armed with clubs and knives, raided the girl’s family home and demanded to have the cash shown online.  The girl’s parents told the invaders that she not only wasn’t there, she didn’t live with them anymore and the men left only with some personal items and a small amount of money the parents had.  No one was injured.

Police are searching for the two men, but also are using this as an example of the dangers of the information that people put out online.

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Wave Your Hands In The Air…

Ever since Tom Cruise waved his tiny hands in the air controlling his holographic computer, geeks have wanted to also ditch their keyboard and mouse.  It seems that is closer than maybe imagined.

Later this year a new device called “Leap” will become available and from the demo video that was released last week, looks to make controlling all aspects of your computer about as easy as a wave of the hand, or a point of a finger.  The video shows off several different uses for the device, from typing, to cursor control, to more advance uses.  There is even a moment where it shows off the accuracy of the device by showing how you can actually clearly write inside a one centimeter box.  If you’ve ever used a note taking tablet app with a stylus, you know that isn’t as easy to pull off well as it would seem.

The Leap’s makers claim that the device is “200 times more accurate than any other device out on the market” and can recognize the smallest of movements down to 1/100 of a millimeter.  The device creates an interactive space of eight cubic feet in front of your computer.  Within that space the device can detect all sorts of gestures, the difference between a thumb and finger, and even if you pick up a pencil to write.  Interestingly the company is also reaching out to developers encouraging them to find different applications for the technology.  It also reportedly will work with several different operating systems.

And thinking back to Tom Cruise in Minority Report, the computer he interacted was a predictor of sorts. (Funny though, even in that movie he had to wear gloves that provided some sort of connection.  Today’s motion controllers don’t)  With XBOX Kinect, Playstation Move and other motion controllers on the market the idea that we will control devices with our hand and body movements seems more likely than ever.  But, do we really want to ditch our keyboard and mouse?  Just how difficult will it be to move away from the peripherals that are essentially native to us now?  With Apple’s OSX and Windows 8 all making a move to touch screen interfaces to closer mimic the mobile device experience it’s clear where technology is headed.

The most amazing part of Leap is the price.  $79.  They are taking pre-orders now, and they don’t say if this is the only the pre-order price only, or if it will stay at $79.  Either way, that’s very impressive for an intro price.

*edit* I just realized that the demo video never shows anyone using it for typing… interesting.


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BREAKING NEWS: It Happened in Florida

We break into this Memorial Day weekend to bring you this shocking news from, yes, Florida.

Saturday afternoon police shot and killed a naked man who was found chewing off the face of another man along side a Miami causeway.  The naked man was spotted attacking the other man by a passerby and a highway ranger.  The first officer approached the scene, ordered the attacker to back off and shot the man when he failed to stop eating on the other man’s face and head.  The assailant continued eating and attacking his victim even after being shot once, forcing the officer to shoot the man several more times.

The victim is in critical condition in the hospital, and while police are not sure why the attack occurred, they theorized that the victim is a homeless man that was sleeping when attacked.  The Miami Herald reports the assailant is thought to have been in a possible “cocaine psychosis”, a drug-induced craze that bakes the body internally and often leads the affected to strip naked to try and cool off.

Now back to your long weekend….

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