Nike, “This is exactly how unfit you are”

update:  this is my original post about this product when announced back in January.  Its out now, but hard to find and receiving mixed reviews from the “meh” to “promising”.

Turns out that Terry has bought and is wearing one, so let’s keep tabs on Mr Jaymes and his new found device to fitness.


Hopefully Nike can pull off this product better than Jawbone did with their “Up” wristband.  That failure lead to a total recall of the product and refunds to people who didn’t even report having problems.

Yesterday Nike previewed the Nike+ Fuelband.  Their next step in an ongoing line of fitness monitoring products, which right now are all the rage.  Nike with their usual elegant design ramp up the cool factor with a very nicely embedded LED assembly that displays all sorts of information.  Plus you can track and store info on your iOS device, computer and yeah, share that info with all your friends that know your a fatass.

It tracks steps, calories, time and presents a total number in a Nike invented brand called “NikeFuel”.  That number is suppose to help you set goals and better track your overall successes and failures.  It’s a device you wear all day.  No mention if it has any sleep monitoring features or heart rate monitoring.  It’s on pre sale now for the lofty price of $150.


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