Is That a Meth Lab in Your Pants?

Last week a man was chased and arrested by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol after a routine traffic stop.

Why would you flee from such a small violation?  Because you have a meth lab in your pants.  Duh.

During the stop the officer noticed an odd chemical smell.  Upon asking the suspect about it, the man, David Williams, turn and ran.  When the officer caught up to him a struggle ensued and during the ruckus the contraption actually exploded.  The setup is called a “one-pot” lab, and is for the manufacture of only a very small amount of the drug.  The simple list of ingredients and parts: drain cleaner, lithium batteries and decongestants found in common cold medicines such as Sudafed.

Williams and the officer both were unharmed and the man was arrested and booked on a drug charge.



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