This Is Why I’m Glad I’m Not a Teen in 2012

I was driving back from a out of office meeting today and listening to the replay of today’s Howard Stern show (something I’ve done a lot lately since getting a free trial of Sirius, and have a 1000 thoughts about Howard that probably aren’t of interest to anyone but me).  The show was talking to this kid,  who posted this insane video on YouTube.  You can watch it below.  It is NSFW (language), but with Howard there was a whole discussion about how kids today can do these types of things and suddenly be seen all over the world and have no idea of how it could impact them later in life.

Now, in this video this kid is ‘singing’ a song he made up about masterbating to girls he knows and their Facebook pictures.  It is wickedly funny simply because it’s so silly raw, graphic and downright creepy.  (“Lotion is my best friend” is my favorite line)  In the interview the kid told Howard while he was trying to be funny and make fun of internet lurkers and that it was supposed to be satire, but he understands that anyone might find it offensive and creepy.  He just didn’t want his mom to see it.

And that’s my point.  The kid, who btw already had another YouTube video – where he extemporaneously speaks about the reality of Super Saiyans from Dragon Ball Z – with over 4 million views, seemingly has no concept of who may or may not watch this thing.  He knows the girls in school will see it, but somehow, he’s only ‘worried’ that mom won’t see it.  Never mind the idea that Mr Job Interviewer, College Acceptance Person or Woman He Might Want to Marry in 2027 will happen upon this video and wonder just how fuck’d up he was in 2012.

I know I did a lot of stupid things when I was a teen.  I simply can not comprehend the trouble I would have created for myself if I’d had the internet, much less the ability to record and distribute videos worldwide (for free!).  When I add that to the insanity seen in the recently shut down and how many teens and 20somethings are willing to send the most sexually graphic images of themselves to be posted on Twitter – well, I really begin to feel a total sense of agreement with my wife on our decision not to have kids.  Good grief.

But damn, this video makes me laugh – a lot.  Some it though probably is nervous, self conscience laughter only because I can’t quite be assured I would not have done something as stupid as this if I was a teen in 2012.  Although in reality, what I most likely would have produced and distributed would have been closer to this famous video


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