If You’re That Worried About Instagram

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With Facebook’s one billion dollar purchase of Instagram – a company that had yet to make any revenue – a good percentage of Instagram users are in freak out mode.

Understandably concerned that Facebook will dig their data mining tentacles into the rich information that Instagram pics provide via facial recognition and geo-tagging, many people want to close their Instagram accounts and find a new playground.  To be fair, Facebook promises to keep the two things separate, for now, and haven’t made any changes – yet.  In fact Instagram has added 10 million users since last week’s announcement.

But if you are one of the peeps that wants to bail, and no judgement here, there are alternative applications and even ways to pull your pics from Instagram and save them.

Here’s some alternative apps (links will open iTunes)

  •  Hipstamatic and D-Series are two apps from the same company, the latter is free
  • Camera Bag – Just filters, no social media
  • Picplz – Tight social media sharing capabilities
  • Phototoaster – Filtering tools more along the lines of professional editing, and less gimmicky (free version is Phototoaster Jr)
  • Magic Hour – Make your own filters! (free version is “lite”)

And for Android (links will open in Google Play)

If you want to pull your images out of Instagram and save them… There are ways, but all take some work and outside help


If I’ve missed other options, please put them in the comments section….

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