Dick Tracy Would Be Impressed

The old comic book detective had a watch that was the stuff readers dreamed of.  A watch that was also a two-way communicator and ended up being the inspiration for hundreds of modern day watch designs – Including “The Pebble”.

The Pebble is a new bluetooth connectable watch that works with an iPhone (and soon Android).  The group that is bringing it to the market also made the similar inPulse that connected to Blackberry phones for a while.  The Pebble is a considerable advancement from its forbearer.  It uses vibrating alerts to tell the wearer of incoming calls, emails, calendar alerts, Facebook and Twitter messages, weather alerts and more.  It’s also water resistant enough to swim with and sweat on.  Its functions, or apps, are all delivered from a master app on the phone, and the company is going to allow 3rd parties to create other apps/functions for the watch with their own SDK (how will Apple like that?)

What’s interesting is that the group was unable to find an investor, so they turned to Kickstarter and have become the single most funded project in the site’s history.  Currently at about $4million dollars have been raised from almost 30,000 backers.  Many of those backers bought themselves a version of the watch at a lower price than the $150 it will retail for in the Fall.

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