Death By Angry Bird

Anthony Hensley is one of those people who die in such under such bizarre circumstances that you just have to believe the adage, “when it’s your time, its just your time”. (or however that saying goes)

Hensley was hired to do the odd job at an apartment complex of watching out for a newly purchased swan that inhabited the complex’s pond.  Part of his gig was to run off geese that came to the pond by going out into the water in a kayak.  The swan, not only pretty to look at, was purchased to also help keep the geese away which were causing all sorts of disturbances and leaving behind messes (i.e.: goose poop).

But on Saturday, Hensley kayoed out into the pond and was attacked by the swan and he capsized the kayak.  Witnesses saw him surface a couple of times before going back under and not coming back to the surface.  Recusers found him after a 45 minute search and his body was not able to be revived at the scene or hospital where he was later pronouced dead.  His death was ruled an accidental drowning.


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