The Ol’ Be My Cam-Slave Scam

Richard Leon Finkbiner, 39, of Brazil, Indiana had a rather disgusting, evil but effective internet scam.

He is accused of blackmailing teenaged boys into sending him pics, video and Skype’ing with him under the guise that if they did not continue to do so, he would post their pics and videos on gay porn websites and include their names and emails.  Officials are convinced that Finkbiner may have successfully run this scam on hundreds of children after meeting them in chat rooms, not revealing that he was an adult and striking up conversations and building false friendships online with them.  Finkbiner would then capture videos of the boys who willingly did them, but not knowing the real person they were talking to.

Finkbiner would then send the boy an email with a link to the video and threaten them that if they didn’t continue to participate and become his “cam slave” he would publish the material on the internet, specifically on gay websites.  “I’ll add your name and email so if anyone googles u they will see ur video,” Finkbiner allegedly wrote to a Michigan teen in February.

Finkbiner was eventually caught after that teen finally told a brother about what was happening after the stress of the situation became more than he could bare.  The brother told their parents and they called police.  Police then investigated Finkbiner and realized he was already on other department’s radar for exchanges with teens in their area.  Finkbiner, when shown a pic of one of the victims told police he couldn’t remember him specifically because he had done this to so many kids that he couldn’t recall any of them specifically.

Police searched his computer and found an email exchange where one kid begged for mercy and Finkbiner was unrelenting.  “I’m only a kid and this is against the law so please stop doing this I beg you,” the boy wrote.  “I wont get caught im a hacker I covered my tracks,” Finkbiner allegedly replied.

Finkbiner faces up to 30 years in prison.


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