Extreme Show-n-Tell

A 5 year old boy had a shocking round of show-n-tell for his class on Monday.

The boy showed off not one, but 50 packets of heroine to his classmates, pulling the small plastic bags from his jacket pockets.  The horrified teacher immediately grabbed the loot and called the principal – who then called police.

The boy’s stepfather, Santos Roman, 35, was arrested at the school where police awaited him, but not until after he’d searched the school because he’d already realized the boy had taken his jacket (with the drugs in the pockets).  Roman arrived at the school searching for his stepson and the jacket (in what must have been a crazy panic), saw the jacket sitting on a desk in an empty classroom and tried to flee the school property.

He was charged on drug charges and risk of injury to a minor. The drugs were worth about $500 street value.


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