A Sign Your Relationship Has Soured

The wonderful Smoking Gun has conjured up a court document that tells the horribly gruesome story of a relationship gone bad.

An unnamed Indiana man, claims that his on/off again girlfriend of eight months, Christina Reber walked into his home, uninvited, on the night of March 30th.  She was drunk and confronted him over their most recent break up.  She screamed at him to call the police and began to attack.  After hitting him in the head, she forcibly reached into his pants and grabbed his scrotum and began to “squeeze as hard as she could”  and he could feel her fingernails tearing into his sack.   As the two of them fell to the ground when she refuse to let go of her steely grip, but finally able to pry her loose.  Once that happened Reber quickly left his residence.

The victim, with blood all over his shirt, realized that he had a “long tear” in his scrotum and part of it has “been completely torn from his body”.

While Reber was arrested and charged with two felonies, the victim in a follow up interview told police that his injury continues to be very swollen, bleed and doctors do not know yet if he has suffered any permanent damage.  He is unable to work and barely able to walk.