The Future According to Apple 1987

If you think the Google Glasses video is a few minutes of geek dreaming and never going to be a real product, let’s hop in the WayBack machine and watch this video from 1987.  The year I graduated high school.

It was produced by Apple to show off the idea of something called the Knowledge Navigator.   25 years later and its fun to watch a video that inspired so many, and still components to it that became reality and some that did not.

It’s a bit freaky to think that when this was produced the way off year of 2011 was used to imply the “future”.  There are many great things about this video, but maybe most of all is the professorial, elitist, New Englandly vibe it gives off about who would used such a device.  Image Steve Job’s face if he realized then he would create a device with most of this tech – at about the 1/4th the size  – and not only Upper East side bigwigs, but kids in Compton would carry them.