I Miss Public Music Judgement

I’m well aware that there is now a generation of kids that have grown up discovering music via YouTube, but it’s still a foreign idea to me.

The forgotten idea of going to a “record” store and sitting/standing and listening to records/CDs while there was my favorite pastime up until those brick & mortar stores evaporated several years ago.  So now, like everyone else, I am digging around the net looking for new tunes.  It can be a good experience, but for some reason it just doesn’t bring the romantic results that an outing to Sound Warehouse, Virgin Records, Peaches or my old local mom&pop, CD World used to.  Spotify has been an improving experience, although a strong argument can be made that Rdio and MOG are better services for the same price.

Yesterday on Facebook someone posted this video.  And via the power of YouTube I again was introduced to a singer/band I’d never heard of, but this video is a few minutes of awesome.  Of course that led me to her site and listening to her and her band’s stuff.  She’s a little Sheryl Crow (not that’s a bad thing), but I particularly enjoyed the background singing in the video.  Additionally the concept of the band making these videos while driving from gig to gig is a pretty good one too.

So what I know is that the new way to find bands is actually a better, more efficient way.  I don’t have to wear half operational headphones previously donned by who knows who, and be judged by passers by in the store as I tried out the new Phil Collins CD.  Now, I can listen to all the dad rock I want in the private confines of my own home.  I guess that’s better.  maybe.