If Hunger Games Isn’t Violent Enough For You

Battle Royale (film)

You really should rejoice the movie Quentin Tarantino called, “His favorite movie of all time”, is about it come out in the US on DVD and BlueRay.

“Battle Royale” is what many people think Suzanne Collins based the Hunger Games off of (although she has steadfastly denied even knowing of its existence).  Like Hunger Games it is a story of teens pitted against each other to the death, with only one left standing, just with a level of violence that makes The Hunger Games looks like a “G” movie.  I’ve yet to see this movie, but have heard of its legend for years and it’s on my “must see” list.

(trailer below)

Also now on BluRay:

  • Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (I know it didn’t make book purists happy, but I highly recommend this movie)
  • The Muppets (Just 90 minutes of good movie fun)
  • Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (Haven’t seen it, but understand you really have to pay attention through it)


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