Meet Google Play

Google has decided to merge Android Marketplace, Google Music, Google Movies and Google eBookstore into one catch-all, one stop shop

Google Play

It’s Google’s cloud based store aimed directly at iTunes, and a new Google Play apps will begin to appear to users soon.  With this users can access 20,000 songs for free and then purchase from Google’s collection of millions of other songs.  Of course there is access to Marketplace’s app collection, and digital books.  Because it’s cloud based Google is promising that devices logged with the same account will have all their purchases and selections automatically presented on each device.

Reports claim that Android users will see in the next few days that their Marketplace, Google Music, Google Movies and eBookstore apps will all get updates and name changes.  But you can manually install them now.  You can also simply see the new store at  Even non-Android users can play within Play.  It’s cloud based and accessible via desktop browsers, but we await word if an iOS, or OSX native app is forthcoming.

go forth and purchase!