Call Her a Toe Truck!

(see what I did there?)

Some people just like to do weird stuff to get attention and Aynanna is one of those who has successfully turned that stunt – now twice.

Previously known for her crazy long finger nails, she now has taken to growing out her toe nails.  The longest being four inches and at a point that she’s not capable of getting around easily because of her concern of breaking one of them.  Complicating matters is her recent diagnosis of Type II diabetes which means that she should be getting up and exercising.

No socks, and shoes require the ends to be open toed, or cut out.  Its taken her five years to grow out those beauties.

But her extra long nails at the end of all four limbs has brought her fame and as she claims, “They’re just sexy and sassy. I am considered a long-nailed goddess,”

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