Tablet, Smartphone or Both

One of the really interesting things to watch about the handheld segment of the electronics industry is the never ending battle to figure out what consumers want when it comes to screen size.  At one time there was a race to make the smallest, thinnest, lightest handheld devices possible.  That generally resulted in limited functionality and tiny, hard to read screens.

Then tablets came back in vouge when Apple told the world it was ok to like them with the iPad and its 9.7″ screen.  Of course there was immediate talk of smaller screened iPads and other manufactures began making tablets with 7″ screens.

But with smartphones the size wars went back to trying to find that ideal dimension.  The iPhone’s 3.5″ screen was a standard, but now the most popular Android phones are hitting stores with screens about an inch larger.  Which is best?  That is for the consumer to decide individually, but now there is even a tweener segment beginning to emerge.

The Samsung Galaxy Note is now up for pre-order at AT&T for $300.  With that you get either a giant smartphone or tiny tablet with a 5.3″ screen, and now we’re even back to suppling a stylus with the device so you can write notes and draw stuff on the screen without your fingers.

The Note was shown off in a Super Bowl commercial that continues to poke fun at Apple fans, but I did find the line, “it comes with a pen?!?!” to be high on the irony scale as I thought we were trying to get away from the stylus a few years ago… Remember the Palm?

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Dallas Cars & Coffee 2/4/12

This morning was a cold, but beautiful day for Cars & Coffee.  If you don’t know about these events, they are just massive get togethers of car lovers of all kinds.  These events can be found all over the country, but in Dallas they are the first Saturday of each month at Classic BMW in Plano.  Today was an amazing turnout with everything from a McLaren, to the new Fiskers four doors, an old Land Rover, new Ferrari 459, to an Aventador.  Plus a tremendous collection of classic cars and other awesome sleds.

There was actually an accident, as told to me 3rd hand, that a woman in a maroon Camero SS had a seizure and ran into a blue Z06 Corvette, which pushed it into another Z06, this one yellow… There are a few pics of the aftermath… No word on the woman’s condition, but I can tell you the owners of the two ‘vettes was in terrible mental condition.


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Dangling a Kid Over a Pit Bull

22 year old Chavis Junior really is protective of his car and thinks youngsters should respect their elders.  Really.

But Junior is also a guy familiar with the law, owning at least 23 arrests for differing crimes: disorderly conduct, threatening a public official, starting a riot, drug charges, discharging a firearm in city limts, resisting arrest, assault and battery… just to name a few

So when a group of kids got too close to his beloved car, kicked dirt on it and then cursed at him – Junior was exactly the guy they didn’t want to do that to.  His response?  Chavis grabbed one of the kids and dangled him over a chained and “aggressive” pit bull.

The pit bull was only able to reach the shirt of the kid, and did not bite him. He held him over the dog long enough to make his point, but the police were called and Junior was charged with assault and battery of the 3rd degree.

He’s now in jail as it also turned out he also had outstanding bench warrants.

The kid, will never be the same.

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Do We Really Need Watchmen Prequels? Maybe.

Cover of "Watchmen"

Cover of Watchmen

There was a massive shift in the force when DC Comics announced that it would be producing a collection of miniseries that would act as prequels for Watchmen.  Remember, this is the publisher that earlier this year relaunched 52 different titles with reboots of story lines  and characters to much varied reviews.

Watchmen is the legendary 12 issue mega series from 1986-1987 that is generally considered to be a high point in comic publishing.  It won awards, people wrote thesis’ about the storyline and it was eventually turned into a movie in 2009. (The full length director’s cut on BluRay is the only way to watch it).  EW’s Jeff Jensen wrote an outstanding essay on Watchmen back in 2005 and is a must read for anyone with an interest.

Now, DC wants to take the world of Watchmen and explore the main characters as they were in their youth and as a collective as is mentioned and depicted at great length in the original storyline.  Much like the movie, the original writer, Alan Moore, refuses to have anything to do with the project and told the New York Times,

 “completely shameless…I tend to take this latest development as a kind of eager confirmation that they are still apparently dependent on ideas that I had 25 years ago”, that the series is a reminder of “draconian contracts” he signed with DC and that “I don’t want money. What I want is for this not to happen… As far as I know, there weren’t that many prequels or sequels to ‘Moby-Dick.’”

While original artist Dave Gibbons has embraced the concept,

“The original series of Watchmen is the complete story that Alan Moore and I wanted to tell. However, I appreciate DC’s reasons for this initiative and the wish of the artists and writers involved to pay tribute to our work. May these new additions have the success they desire,”

The cast of Watchmen, created in 1986 by Gibbo...

While my personal initial reaction was that of horror and distain, after thinking about it, I’m willing to give it a shot.  The list of artists and writers lined up to do the different characters is of the highest level, J Michael Straczynski, Len Wein, Jae Lee, Adam Hughes and Darwyn Cooke to name a few.   The original colorist of Watchmen, John Higgins will participate with a two page backup story at the end of each issue called, “Curse of the Crimson Corsair”, which harkens back to the original backstory “Tails of the Black Freighter“.   It will be interesting to see how “Corsair” relates to these new stories as “Freighter” did to Watchmen.

Each of the following characters will get a run of at least four issues, some more: Rorschach, The Comedian, Dr Manhattan, Nite Owl, Ozymandias, The Minutemen and Silk Spectre.

First issues to hit this summer (dates, titles TBA) and at the end of the run everything will be collected in a single issue, with even more material.

My original knee-jerk reaction of “how can they?” has subsided into a curiosity and I’m certain I will be back in my comic shop (something I haven’t done regular in 10+ years) as soon as we know when #1 is due.

Bleeding Cool has all of the covers that DC released here.

Alan Moore





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It Happened In Florida

Lillian Gomez is a teacher of autistic children at Sunrise Elementary in Kissimmee, FL and she may have made a misstep in trying to get the kiddos to stop eating crayons.

Gomez put hot sauce on the crayons.

This, of course, caused outrage with parents as they cannot understand why a veteran teacher would take such an odd step with children who cannot really express themselves normally.  The hot sauce was traumatic enough that the children refused to touch the crayons for weeks. (peet:  I would like to put out that it obviously worked)

Gomez was suspended and removed from the classroom when district officials found out, but now there is pressure from parents for her to be fired.

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Yeah, Humanity Is Doomed

This is unbelievably cool, but you can pretty much assure yourself that something exactly like this, but MUCH LARGER AND IN GREATER NUMBERS will be involved in the extinction of humanity…   and by our own doing… Just as James Cameron predicted…

A Threesome with Sisters, Pliers and Urine!

Sisters, Valerie Bartkey, 24, and Amanda Johnson, 17, of Somerset, WI have been charged with felony counts of 2nd degree sexual assault by force and misdemeanor counts of battery and criminal damage.  Johnson, also has a charge of intimidation of a victim.

The victim is an 18 year old man claiming he was at the home of the sisters when they began to beat him up.  After being punched and kicked, one sister threw a shoe in a toilet and the other was soaked in a sink….

So far, nothing really all that bad.

But later the sisters brought him a cup with what they said was “lemonade”, and forced him to drink it.  The lemonade was actually urine from one of the sisters.

Ok, that’s not very nice…

But then the sisters forced him to take off his clothes as one of the girls claimed to want to have sex with him.  But once naked, Bartkey reportedly revealed a pair of pliers which she used to pull and twist the man’s penis while the other threatened him with a belt.  The police report says that when asked on a scale of 1 to 10 the level of pain he suffered he deemed it a “10”.

There is no mention as to why the guy didn’t run away, escape or if he was simply overpowered by the girls.

What To Do When a Python Eats Your Face

A 31 year old woman was participating in a Madison, WI book club at the home of another member.

She decided to take a four foot long ball python out of it’s terrarium despite never having handled a snake before.

The 12 year old snake, named Annie, decided to latch onto the woman’s face – right cheek to be specific – and would not let go until the owner was able to remove it.

Police report that the woman had no reason to think she was putting herself in danger, other than the fact that she was picking up a giant snake that eats meat, and had permission from the owner to do so.  She was treated and released by doctors with no lasting scars or injuries.

…other than the image of that huge snake mouth lunging at her head…..


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Do You, Cannibal, Take Vampire to Be Your Wife?

This lovely couple are both convicted murderers in Sweden.

He, the “‘Skara Cannibal”, Isakin Jonsson, who was convicted in March of last year after killing his girlfriend.  Helle Christensen was a mother of five, and he stabbed her to death, cut her into pieces and then ate some of them.

She, the “Vampire Woman”, Michelle Gustafsson, was convicted in 2010 after stabbing to death a father of four, she became infamous for her blog about killing people and pictures of herself dressed as a vampire with blood on her face and mouth.

Somehow the Swedish legal system has allowed these two to not only correspond via email and internet chat rooms, but on Nov 13th, they became a couple.  On December 9th they were engaged.

“I love Michelle. I have never met anyone like her. I would like to lead a non-criminal life,” – Isakin

“We want to get to live together, keep dogs and spend time on our hobbies, piercing and tattoos,”  – Gustafsson

The pair have taken advantage of Sweden’s very loose legal system bypassing jail for an indefinite stay in a high security mental institution.  There is no timetable for their release and some prisoners have been in the facility for over 30 years.  The facility has not stated if they will allow the couple to marry.


Michelle and the boyfriend she stabbed to death

Isakin and the girlfriend he chopped up

thanks Shea for the head’s up.

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