Apple Drops Sneak Of Mountain Lion

Apple gave the world OSX 10.7 (aka: Lion) what seems like yesterday.  What actually happened yesterday was that Apple shocked most of the tech world by intro’ing the next iteration of the OS with the name “Mountain Lion”.

With this release it is more clear than ever that Apple is working to make desktop/laptop/handheld all to be very similar experiences.  When we used to see desktop computing features and capabilities ported to handhelds, now we are now seeing things we find on handhelds brought over to the desktop experience.

This version of OSX brings a notification center, Game Center, Messages, and AirPlay Mirroring to the desktop, and in fact you can already try out Messages as a beta download.  Once available in the summer, users will only get it via the App store and there are product models past a certain age that would take Lion, but will not be able to run Mountain Lion.

Mountain Lion was supplied early to several places and you can check out their early reviews The VergeThe LoopMacworldLaptop MagazineEngadgetCNET, and PC Magazine.


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Oh, Thats Where My Hoarding Mom Is…

Well known in her neighborhood as a hoarder, 72 year old Margareta Scheibe worried that people would take things from her.

She collected so much stuff that neighbors referred to her home as the “stinky house” with all the garbage, stray cats and crap strewn throughout the house and yard.  Trash piled up to the ceiling, flowed into the yard and even the two cars were filled with trash, belongings and debris.  The woman’s 46 year old son lived upstairs while she lived downstairs and reportedly had an agreement to not invade the other’s space.

That might explain how the son did not know why his mother died under a pile of collapsed trashed.  As long as a month ago.

That is the reason given by the son, he was only honoring his mother’s wishes to not invade her space, but Scheibe was last seen by friends a month ago.  When they went by to see her, but couldn’t find her, they called police.  Police arrived, but the stench was so bad they had to wear masks.  They did find her decomposing body under a massive pile of crap just outside the family room.  It was determined that she died of heart disease and police assume she just fell in that spot and caused the collection of trash to fall on top of her – burying her underneath.

Neighbors describe her as a friendly lady, a survivor of war torn Germany, the mother of three and a widow as of last year or so.  But she was also a hoarder, afraid to give up anything.  (peet: no word if the son is being investigated, but at the very least you’d think maybe after a day or so – and then the stench – you start to wonder, right?)

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E-Cigarette Explodes in Mans Face

Tom Holloway, 57, of Niceville, FL is a guy just trying to kick a habit.  But, his use of electronic cigarettes backfired, literarily.

The Vietnam vet had been using the device as a alternative to smoking for two years, but Monday night his wife heard what sounded like a “firecracker” and Tom’s scream.  She came down to find his face and the room in tatters.

The fire chief describes it as if he had been holding a “bottle rocket in his mouth”.  The explosion was severe enough to knock out all of his teeth and tear out part of his tongue.  It even caused a small fire in the room.  Parts of the device flew around the room and melted things it touched.  Holloway survived, and is in a burn center

E-cigarettes are battery operated crutches for people who want to smoke, want the feeling of holding a cigarette, the physical sensation and taste tobacco.  The explosion appears to have been caused by the lithium battery, and the specific brand is not known.  They are not approved by the FDA, but have grown in popularity in the last couple of years.

Electronic Cigarettes
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Valentines Is Better With Bondage

Portland police spent a portion of their Valentine’s Day hunting for a woman who reportedly had been abducted, bound and gagged, and thrown into a car.

A witness called 911 to report that he’d seen a man put in the back of a car a naked women who “appeared hazy” and was tied up and with duct tape over her mouth.  The caller claimed he was told by the man that the two were, “just having some fun”.  The 911 call resulted in a nine car manhunt for a blue Suburu.  A license plate was relayed to police which ended up with the owner of the car being spotted and pulled over.  Inside, was the owner and the nude, tied up women.

The man, Nikolas Harbar, 31, and his girlfriend, Stephanie Pelzner, 26, told police that there was a misunderstanding.  The couple were simply acting out a Valentines’ day bondage fantasy.  Despite both parties involve agreeing it was an innocent episode of sexual fantasy, the duo was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

Explained Lt. Robert King, “The concern is their actions created a pretty substantial public alarm, to the point where you have a 911 caller saying she’s concerned about this person tied up naked in the back of a car”.

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Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter Gets A Trailer

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter

In my list of geek oriented movies for 2012, I mentioned “Abe Lincoln, Vampire Hunter” as one to watch, but at the time there wasn’t a trailer.

Now there is.  For most of you, this probably sounds like a terrible idea, but it is based off of a much loved comic book and with Tim Burton involved there is hope it could be kinda cool.

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The Hickey Will Give You Away Every Time

A teachers aide at a San Miguel, CA middle school has been arrested and charged with suspicion of unlawful sex with a minor.  It was the appearance of hickeys on a eighth grade boy’s neck that gave her away.

A teacher spotted 20 year old Sarah Drown, a first year teachers aide, walking with the student and made a mental note of it.  Later when she then saw the same student with hickeys she passed the info onto another school employee and questions began to get asked.

The boy, now 15, first insisted that an ex-girlfriend had administered the hickeys, but later admitted that Drown had given them.  The two began to see each other during after-school programs and he claimed they’d had sex together, consensually, several times dating back to last October.   He was told that sex as a minor with someone over 18 is illegal and he responded with, “The heart wants what the heart wants”.

Drown first tried to pass off everything as a school boy crush, then admitting to only kissing him and giving the hickeys and then finally came clean that she had sex with him.  Her claim is that it happened “only once” during the Christmas break when the boy was over at her house to watch a movie.  She claims it was a decision she regrets and that it happened only once.

She is on administrative leave and later this month will stand trial on four counts of statutory rape.

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It Happened In Florida

The daughter of a Lealman, FL pastor is in critical condition with a gun shot wound to her head.

Hannah Kelly was accidentally shot on Sunday in Grace Connection Church while her boyfriend and two others were looking at a 9mm handgun and it went off.

One of the men is Kelly’s boyfriend, and he was interested in buying a gun.  He was in a closet with Moises Zambrana and another man inspecting the gun and working the safety when it fired.  The bullet went through the closet wall and into Kelly’s head.  The magazine had been removed prior to looking at the gun, but the owner had forgotten he had chambered a round and failed to eject it first.

Zambrana does have a license to carry, wasn’t breaking any laws and no charges have been filed.

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Dog Groomer Glues Ear Back On

A Petco dog grooming service in Hawaii is facing a civil lawsuit and accused of trying to cover up the worst type of mistakes a groomer can make.

Two people claim that their dogs were returned in various states of repair.

One got her dog back with dried blood all around its head and neck.  The vet that later inspected the dog told her it appeared the ear had been cut off and someone had attempted to glue it back on.  A lawsuit has been filed alleging that Petco attempted to put the ear back on with glue or by sewing and failed to report it to the owner when she came back to get the animal.

Another person complaining in the same lawsuit claims that his dog was returned with bloody paws after the nails had been cut off too short and that the tip of his dog’s tail had been clipped off.  He alleges that the employees never seemed too concerned about it, and that they only offered to provide a free dog grooming in return.

The owner of the first dog says that the ear could have been saved, but because they failed to tell her the ear was unable to be reattached in time to save it.

via Hawaii News Now (with video report)

Exposing Yourself With a High Level of Difficulty

Women in the Charlotte, NC area have been reporting incidents of a man exposing himself, but in a few of the reports the man was also riding his bicycle while showing off his bits.

Now police have arrested 36-year-old Michael Wayne Adams and charged him with exposure, and with public masturbation.

Reports say that back in mid January Adams exposed himself to a woman across the street from an elementary school as he was riding the bike.  He also reportedly rode his bike by a woman walking her dog and “exposed his private area” as he rode by.  There are other ‘drive by’ reports and additionally police are investigating to see if Adams is the person involved in other reports of indecent exposure in the same area.

There has been little discussion on how exactly someone exposes himself while riding a bike, but it has to come with a high degree of difficulty and danger especially depending on what type of pants are involved.  Adams also has a lengthy police record ranging from assault to public intoxication.

via WBTV

Thats Not a Speed Bump, Thats Your Girlfriends Head

James Avera is in a Palm Beach County jail without bond charged with attempted murder, robbery and battery – all on his own girlfriend.  (now ex-girlfriend)

Sunday night after walking out of a house party with his girlfriend, Toni Baran, when they got into an argument.  Witnesses say they saw Avera beat and choke Baran, arguing over money he claimed she had stolen from him. As others tried to intervene Avera grabbed her purse and emptied it into his pickup truck.  Avera got into the truck with Baran hanging out the window when he began to back up the truck.  He then pushed her out and she fell into the path of the truck’s rear wheel when Avera drove over her head.  Avera drove off despite witnesses yelling at him and saying that he had to known he’d run over her because the truck, “bounced up into the air”.

Baran was taken to a hospital with a myriad of cuts, bruises and had to have her ear re-attached, but was well enough to be released.

Avera denied hitting or knowingly running over Baran, but did admit to taking the purse because of his claim that she’d stolen over $1000 from him.

via ABC Action News

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