E-Cigarette Explodes in Mans Face

Tom Holloway, 57, of Niceville, FL is a guy just trying to kick a habit.  But, his use of electronic cigarettes backfired, literarily.

The Vietnam vet had been using the device as a alternative to smoking for two years, but Monday night his wife heard what sounded like a “firecracker” and Tom’s scream.  She came down to find his face and the room in tatters.

The fire chief describes it as if he had been holding a “bottle rocket in his mouth”.  The explosion was severe enough to knock out all of his teeth and tear out part of his tongue.  It even caused a small fire in the room.  Parts of the device flew around the room and melted things it touched.  Holloway survived, and is in a burn center

E-cigarettes are battery operated crutches for people who want to smoke, want the feeling of holding a cigarette, the physical sensation and taste tobacco.  The explosion appears to have been caused by the lithium battery, and the specific brand is not known.  They are not approved by the FDA, but have grown in popularity in the last couple of years.

Electronic Cigarettes
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