Exposing Yourself With a High Level of Difficulty

Women in the Charlotte, NC area have been reporting incidents of a man exposing himself, but in a few of the reports the man was also riding his bicycle while showing off his bits.

Now police have arrested 36-year-old Michael Wayne Adams and charged him with exposure, and with public masturbation.

Reports say that back in mid January Adams exposed himself to a woman across the street from an elementary school as he was riding the bike.  He also reportedly rode his bike by a woman walking her dog and “exposed his private area” as he rode by.  There are other ‘drive by’ reports and additionally police are investigating to see if Adams is the person involved in other reports of indecent exposure in the same area.

There has been little discussion on how exactly someone exposes himself while riding a bike, but it has to come with a high degree of difficulty and danger especially depending on what type of pants are involved.  Adams also has a lengthy police record ranging from assault to public intoxication.

via WBTV