Dog Groomer Glues Ear Back On

A Petco dog grooming service in Hawaii is facing a civil lawsuit and accused of trying to cover up the worst type of mistakes a groomer can make.

Two people claim that their dogs were returned in various states of repair.

One got her dog back with dried blood all around its head and neck.  The vet that later inspected the dog told her it appeared the ear had been cut off and someone had attempted to glue it back on.  A lawsuit has been filed alleging that Petco attempted to put the ear back on with glue or by sewing and failed to report it to the owner when she came back to get the animal.

Another person complaining in the same lawsuit claims that his dog was returned with bloody paws after the nails had been cut off too short and that the tip of his dog’s tail had been clipped off.  He alleges that the employees never seemed too concerned about it, and that they only offered to provide a free dog grooming in return.

The owner of the first dog says that the ear could have been saved, but because they failed to tell her the ear was unable to be reattached in time to save it.

via Hawaii News Now (with video report)