Oh, That’s What Happened to David

The “skeletonize” remains of David Carter were found on January 23rd with a Smith & Wesson 9mm laying on what was his chest.

Dead bodies are found every day, but Carter’s story is odd because no one reported him missing.  In fact, everyone thought he’d moved away from Milwaukee home to a new life in New Mexico in 2007.  Even more odd was that Carter’s body was found in his home.  A home that everyone thought for four years was empty and essentially abandoned.

Cater was found by a real estate agent who’d been tasked with entering the house that had been awarded to the county as a tax foreclosure.

An amazing set of circumstance literally all0wed Carter’s suicide to go unknown for over four years despite the fact his home was in a populated neighborhood, his house went uncared for and was falling down.  Bills went unpaid, and the city would finally come along and mow the grass and shovel the snow and simply add the fee to the home’s tax bill.  There were no utilities active at the house and no mortgage because the home had been paid off years ago.

Carter had no close relatives, and all of his friends thought he’d moved to New Mexico simply because he’d wished everyone well and told them that was his plan.  Instead sometime in 2007 he left a note, shot himself in his home and remained there for all this time.  Friends think that the death of his mother was too much for Carter and that after her death he’d changed and started drinking.

All of the taxes had built up into a $30,000+ amount and now the home will be repaired by the county and sold with profits going back into the county.

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