Tablet, Smartphone or Both

One of the really interesting things to watch about the handheld segment of the electronics industry is the never ending battle to figure out what consumers want when it comes to screen size.  At one time there was a race to make the smallest, thinnest, lightest handheld devices possible.  That generally resulted in limited functionality and tiny, hard to read screens.

Then tablets came back in vouge when Apple told the world it was ok to like them with the iPad and its 9.7″ screen.  Of course there was immediate talk of smaller screened iPads and other manufactures began making tablets with 7″ screens.

But with smartphones the size wars went back to trying to find that ideal dimension.  The iPhone’s 3.5″ screen was a standard, but now the most popular Android phones are hitting stores with screens about an inch larger.  Which is best?  That is for the consumer to decide individually, but now there is even a tweener segment beginning to emerge.

The Samsung Galaxy Note is now up for pre-order at AT&T for $300.  With that you get either a giant smartphone or tiny tablet with a 5.3″ screen, and now we’re even back to suppling a stylus with the device so you can write notes and draw stuff on the screen without your fingers.

The Note was shown off in a Super Bowl commercial that continues to poke fun at Apple fans, but I did find the line, “it comes with a pen?!?!” to be high on the irony scale as I thought we were trying to get away from the stylus a few years ago… Remember the Palm?

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