Do You, Cannibal, Take Vampire to Be Your Wife?

This lovely couple are both convicted murderers in Sweden.

He, the “‘Skara Cannibal”, Isakin Jonsson, who was convicted in March of last year after killing his girlfriend.  Helle Christensen was a mother of five, and he stabbed her to death, cut her into pieces and then ate some of them.

She, the “Vampire Woman”, Michelle Gustafsson, was convicted in 2010 after stabbing to death a father of four, she became infamous for her blog about killing people and pictures of herself dressed as a vampire with blood on her face and mouth.

Somehow the Swedish legal system has allowed these two to not only correspond via email and internet chat rooms, but on Nov 13th, they became a couple.  On December 9th they were engaged.

“I love Michelle. I have never met anyone like her. I would like to lead a non-criminal life,” – Isakin

“We want to get to live together, keep dogs and spend time on our hobbies, piercing and tattoos,”  – Gustafsson

The pair have taken advantage of Sweden’s very loose legal system bypassing jail for an indefinite stay in a high security mental institution.  There is no timetable for their release and some prisoners have been in the facility for over 30 years.  The facility has not stated if they will allow the couple to marry.


Michelle and the boyfriend she stabbed to death

Isakin and the girlfriend he chopped up

thanks Shea for the head’s up.

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