Who Steals from Girl Scouts? This Hag.

Stephanie Morris, 23, was a Girl Scout troup leader.  Key word being, “was”.

Morris has been arrested for stealing $3,522 from her Girl Scout troops cookie funds.  The whole issue came to light because Morris called police to report that $900 of cookie money had been stolen from her home during a burglary.  The police investigation began to bring to light issues with the accounting of the troop’s finances.

So yes, someone that stole money from Girl Scouts gets caught reporting the money stolen from herself.  Awesome.

The investigation revealed that the troop’s bank account had been emptied in a month’s time between November and December of last year.  Morris confessed that she had stolen the money because she had fallen behind on her bills.

She faces a judge this week and bond is set at $10,000… which she clearly doesn’t have.


via KansasCity.com