Your Ass Is Not a Holster…Seriously.

I’ve posted quite a few stories about people hiding things in their rectum, in fact, I even mentioned a book about the subject (peet: wife gave that book to me for my birthday!  it’s funny, funny)… And for the sake of this site, there continues to be stories of people, objects, and their asses.

Anthony Keith West is the latest person to fall into this category.  He was arrested along with a couple of other friends Monday morning after the car they were riding in was pulled over for speeding.  The arresting officer reported that the three people in the car refused to cooperate, and actually locked the car doors when the cop walked up to the car to talk to them.  There was some resistance to the arrest, and West actually had to be subdued with a stun gun and later was given a sedative to “calm him down”.  Police report that he was stripped searched before being placed in jail, but maybe not close enough.

While in his cell West began to shout and yell that he was about to be killed by someone else with a gun in his cell.  Jailers found a .38 in the toilet.  West claimed he found it in his bunk and threw it in there, and there were no bullets in the gun or in the cell.

Officials believe that West actually had hidden the gun in his rectum prior to being arrested, and this is because West had to be taken to a local hospital for injuries that may have resulted from having a .38 caliber revolver with a six inch barrel stuffed in his butt.

Police claim testing on the  gun showed it was functional – so that means someone actually touched it.

And, still, as many times as I see these stories, I just can’t figure out how people fit something shaped like that in the space down in their dirty potty area of their body. It just seems physically impossible.  And then to have to expel it?  How do you even sit with it in there?  I know how I feel when I’m constipated with the stuff that IS supposed to be in there, much less a Smith & Wesson.

via The Daily News, (thanks to @notlaoudenuf for the head’s up)