An Open Response to a Complaint

I received this email today via the “contact” section of the site.  Sadly, the person writing it used a fake email address “”.  Because I can’t use that to personally reply to him, in an attempt to set things right, I thought I’d just post my response here and everyone can read it.

Before we get started – I don’t get enough emails from you guys.  Really, I’d love to hear more from you.  Even if its just to tell me I’m an idiot.

OK, back to the story.  Just to set it up.  I was on the show this morning via phone.  I was discussing CES, and made mention of this being Microsoft’s last year with a presence, along with the fact that other companies have left and Apple not being in attendance gave indications that CES was losing some steam.

Mr Billy wanted to tell me the following:

Name: L and T  Listeneer (sic)

Today I heard you come on their (Lex and Terry) show talking about CES and some of what\’s (sic) going on there.

You mentioned that Apple would be absent this year as if they (Apple) has always attended in the past – while mentioning in the same breath that Microsoft was making an exit sometime after this current Show.

Correction:  APPLE has NEVER attended CES.  APple used to put on MacWorld every January and CES was an upstart repsonse to that for the rest of the Computer (and subsequently Electronics) Industries.

In 2009 APPLE stopped going to MacWorld – stating that they had better methods of reaching their target audiences in the future.  Microsoft\’s announcement this year echos that very same sentiment.

This is not the first time your information has been flawed when making announcements on their show.  Most of the time – it\’s wasted effort to point out your flaws – but today I find myself having a couple of free minutes.  As 99.9 % of the Lex and Terry audience are probably not listening in to get their tech news fix. And could probably care less.

BUT if you are going to report on something – and make statements – then at the very least get your information correct.

I find that that is the outstanding difference between a blogger (such as yourself) and a real journalist who fact checks and gets their info staright before reporting (but that\’s another arguement).

But when you are constantly flawed with your reporting it makes those folks that do know something about technology look at you like a joke.

Now, I appreciate Bill’s email because the overall point of it is correct.  I do owe it to him and to you to be as accurate as I can in the stuff that I tell you on the air.  The reality is that I will get things wrong, speak out of turn, make a mistake or get a slight detail incorrect.  It happens, and if someone points it out, I am happy to correct it.

As for this stuff about Apple and CES, I think Billy mistakenly inferred that I said that Apple once attended as a major player, but I certainly wasn’t intentionally trying to imply it.  But either way it is a minor detail, and surprising that it would generate a complaint email.

What isn’t is a minor detail is CES was not a “upstart repsonse to that (MacWorld) for the rest of the Computer (and subsequently Electronics) Industries”.  The first CES was in 1967 and for a long time there were two a year.  The first MacWorld wasn’t until 1985.  And while Apple has never been a major attendee to CES, reveal new products or sneak future products there – I personally know that Apple has been there.  I’ve attended several CES in the ’90’s and I saw products on display and talked to then Apple employees who were in attendance.  I do not know Apple’s history of official capacity at CES, but more importantly, Billy was missing my point that many think CES is becoming less and less important as fewer and fewer big players choose to appear at it.

Oh, since we’re shooting for accuracy – Macworld was not started by Apple.  It’s produced by IDG World Expo and tied to the Apple specific magazine, MacWorld.

Additionally, I would love to refute, apologize, explain or otherwise Billy’s suggestion that I have been wrong at least one other time because he doesn’t tell me what it was about.  Give me a chance man!  Lord, if you point out enough F-ups on my part, I’ll just put a bullet in this thing.  I certainly don’t want a whole group of tech guys thinking I’m a “joke”.  They are my peer group, ya know.

In the end, I appreciate the email and that it mattered enough to Billy that this time he wrote.  I just wish he’d left me a proper way to contact him, because I don’t bite, send spam emails and I could have just kept this between the two of us… instead of having to make it all public and shit…