Mr Berndt Will Not Win Teacher of the Year

In a truly horrid story, and after almost a year’s investigation, 61 year old Mark Berndt has been arrested and charged with commiting lewd acts on 23 children ages 7-10.

Berdt, a 30 year veteran teacher in California, appeared on police radar when a photo developer turned over a series of pics of children in differing positions with tape over their mouths and blindfolded.

The pics showed different children with giant Madagascar cockroaches on their faces, and in some girls had a blue plastic spoon with a clear/white liquid substance up to their mouths.  A search of the classroom later turned up a blue spoon which later tested for ….  semen….

While no children came forward and made claims against Berndt, a search of his home turned up over 100 similar photos along with an adult bondage DVD which had similar imagery as found in the pics of the children.  There are pics with Berndt’s arm around some of the children and over the mouths of others.  The acts reportedly took place between 2008-2010.

He was arrested Monday and is facing a $2.3million bail.

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I Call Red Flag on Superbowl Ticket Story

Jason Elia is telling a story that is hard to believe. (and for the record, I am prepared for this to be a hoax)

He’s a television writer in Nashville with an engagement ring and pair of tickets to this Sunday’s Super Bowl worth $8,000.

He also has been diagnosed with bladder cancer.

He had a girlfriend, who he only identified by her Twitter handle, who he claims dumped him after he was told of his cancer.  Claiming that she couldn’t handle the stress of having a boyfriend with cancer, she left him, but she insisted that he still give her the Super Bowl tickets because she was the originally intended recipient.

Here’s where things get a little “red flaggy”.

Elia called a radio show, told his story, and then decided to give away the tickets in a revenge move to whoever could help him gather the largest amount of Twitter followers.  He was going to announce a winner during the Pro Bowl, but the story has begun to receive national attention so he decided to delay the announcement.

He only gave the twitter handle Sokhon Sen, and that does lead to an actual person with that name.  She claims that she has only met Elia once, has no idea about Super Bowl tickets and is not happy that she is being dragged through all of this.  Elia is claiming that he is referring to an ex, and not this Miss Sen.  But the Mail Online claims to have seen an email exchange between to the two of them where Elia doesn’t deny making up the story or the fact that he was talking about her.

I hope all of this is true and factual.  It’s a great story, but remember, he’s a writer who “splits time between Nashville and LA” and there just is something about this story that doesn’t quite add up.

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Star Wars Uncut Is Ready and Awesome

Since 2009 Casey Pugh has been asking the general public to re-film 473 different 15 second segments of the original Star Wars movie.

Now, the final version, the “Director’s Cut”,  is done for you to watch online and it’s such an achievement it might make you cry.

A version actually won an Oscar last year in the ‘interactive media’ category, but this is a newer, final version that is a great collective of fan-art.  Every 15 seconds the movie shifts, seamlessly, from one person’s version to another.  You will go from a crude CGI created scene to people acting in their office space to one with cats acting all the parts.  The variation of the same character’s costumes from scene to scene alone is worth watching.  Really, someday someone will write a doctoral thesis on this thing.

You can even go to the main site and just watch a random scene and sample the variety..

Here’s the full two hour movie.

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That’s Not How You Check A Person’s Vitals

Hal Lavaun Weston does not appear to have been listening during ER technician school, or got it mixed up with his gay prostitute lessons.

A man who had been arrested during a trespassing call, passed out while in route to the jail and was transported to the hospital where Weston worked.  The prisoner was receiving medical treatment in an examination room that was curtained.

The policeman on guard pulled back a curtain to check on the prisoner/patient and found Weston performing oral sex on the unconscious man.

Weston was immediately fired from his job and was charged with forcible sodomy, a first degree felony.

Police believe that there are no other similar victims and maybe a one-time occurrence.  Weston has cooperated with police.



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The Original Godzilla is on BluRay

A Criterion Collection logotype: Blu-ray Crite...

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Odds are that you’ve never seen the original Godzilla, and by that I mean the true 1954 Japanese version, “Gojira“.

There was an Americanized version in 1956 by Terry Morse, “Godzilla, King of Monsters”.  That version uses footage from the original, but adds stuff with Raymond Burr as an American journalist.  In fact, about 40 minutes were pulled and essentially deletes any reference to the bombings at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  This is totally worth your time, but it’s the old school Ishiro Honda‘s version you really need to see.

Both are now available from the Criterion Collection on blue-ray and DVD.  (for those not familiar with Criterion, they take classic movies and release them in definitive remasters) Both are in the same packaging along with a good offering of commentary and extras.

Honda’s version is less a monster story and more a dark tale about Japan after the nuclear attacks that ended World War II.

Of course Godzilla launched an almost endless stream of monster movies and was the origin of the stereotypical japanese, poorly dubbed, rubber suited, destruction of cardboard cities.  But when you get to watch these two versions back to back, you get a totally different feel for what Godzilla was meant to be.


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Who Doesn’t Love a Parasitic Twin?

Oh the oddities and mysteries of the human body never fail to fascinate and cause some to gag.

A young boy in Peru is due to have surgery as soon as today to remove his parasitic twin who’s own half-formed body is encased in the boy’s stomach. The eyes, some bones and even hair (!) remain of the fetus, but the brain, heart and lungs never formed. The fetus is about a pound and nine inches long.

This condition is rare, but happens in 1 out of every 500,000 births.

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Rapist Wants 2nd Date

Rafael Chavez may not understand what sexual assault means, or that raping someone doesn’t constitute a proper first date.

Back on Jan. 14th Chavez, 21, picked up a female in an alley in Chandler, AZ while she was walking home from work.  Not sure why she got into the car to begin with, but in the alley, he began to sexually assault and rape her.  Then put her back into the car and dropped her off at the spot he’d originally picked her up.  Before letting her go, he actually gave her his cell phone number and asked her to call him sometime.

She got away and later called the number to confirm it was him. Chavez was arrested and told police he had been depressed over a recent breakup and he been drinking heavily and using cocaine and smoking pot.

He’s in jail on a single count of kidnapping and sexual assault.


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Soap Actor Kills Self Over Dog

The little known actor, Nick Santino, seen on soaps like “All My Children” and “Guiding Light” has killed himself after having his beloved dog, Rocco, euthanized just a few days ago.

Santino reportedly had the healthy dog put down because the apartment building he was living in had placed new restrictions on animals, and specific ones on pit bulls, which is the breed Rocco happened to be.  Friends say that because Rocco was already present in the building, he was grandfathered in, but the supervisor and other neighbors were complaining about Rocco.  Fines were placed on Santino for Rocco’s barking, despite the fact that friends claimed that Rocco didn’t bark, wasn’t aggressive and was a kind, loving animal.

Apparently all of this became too much for Santino who caved into the pressure and had Rocco put down on Tuesday.  Completely despondent over his decision, Santino overdosed on pills and was found dead the next day.  A sucide note was found where Santino’s guilt is apparent,

“Today I betrayed my best friend and put down my best friend.  Rocco trusted me and I failed him. He didn’t deserve this.”

Rooco had been cremated and so will Santino.  There ashes will be “reunited”, which maybe means they will mix them together?  hmm…

Oddly there is no mention as to why he didn’t just move…



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Laugh at Your Friends. There’s an App for That.

At last week’s MacWorld one company showed off new apps that are pretty simple, cheap and can create minutes of fun laughing at your friends by making them look bald, fat or old (assuming they aren’t already one or more of those things already)

Baldify, Oldify, and Fatify are app that take pics on you iPhone and use some automated pic editing magic to turn them into pretty realistic versions of that person if they were any of those three.  There are animations that take place after you create the pic, and even the options to put the pic on stuff to buy like coffee mugs or shirts or mouse pads…

Fatify is free, the other two are 99 cents each.

good times.

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We Need To Talk About Facebook

You’re going to be reading/hearing that Facebook is going public this week and likely will have the largest tech stock opening in history.  Upwards of about $10 Billion and all of that is simply because of the epic amounts of personal data Facebook collects from you, that you’ve willingly given it, they can in turn use to sell very specific advertising to you.

But there is also a larger change coming with Facebook, and it means you have some work to do.  “Timeline” is the new interface Facebook has been making available to users as an option for months.  But in the coming weeks, it will become a mandatory move for all users and, that means you probably have some cleaning up to do and decisions to make.

Timeline is a complete chronological re-ordering of any and all information you have ever shared on your Facebook page.  Photos, posts, check-ins, likes, apps you’re using…everything.  So, if you’re someone that used to post and use Facebook very loosely but now are more guarded in your postings, you’re going to want to review all of your stuff and consider removing and/or pulling off questionable material.  The reason is that now all of those crazy party pics or postings about stuff you did years ago that you don’t really want easily found today – because of that new job you’re hunting for – will be there for anyone to find, in a new easy to use layout.   Also, all posts are now posting publicly.  You will want to make sure that if you want things limited to just friends, you have to select that specifically for the post.  It is important to remember that if you’re doing check-in’s, tagging pics with locations and other postings of personal info that unless you manage your account well, you’re making it very easy for anyone to really get to know you.  Whether that be your boss, future employers, relationships or a bad man trying to swindle you – remember what your posting and to who.

Facebook really wants you to use Timeline to go back and post stuff from your life, those historic moments, that you didn’t add originally.  Weddings, births, vacations, car purchases, pets, blah blah blah.  All of it is to better make Facebook a true scrapbook of your existence, but it is really so it can better laser target advertising to you.  The more they know about you and the other 750+ million users, the better and more valuable the information and data they have to sell to advertisers.  Hence, why they will launch an IPO for all that dough this week.

Its suggested that you don’t wait for the mandatory push to Timeline.  Go now, select the Timeline, you can review what your page will look like publicly by pressing the gear icon in the lower right corner of your “cover” (the large banner pic you select to represent yourself).  Once you start the process you have seven days to review your changes, goof around with it and feel better about it before it goes public.

Oh, while you’re at it, please, please, please please.  Change your password to something other than “Password” or “123456”.  Ten letter number combinations, with a capitalized letter in there somewhere.  You don’t want your account hacked, if it is because you made the password simple, you’ll have no one to blame but yourself.

I changed my account a couple of months ago and have come to like the new layout (seen below).  I don’t post a lot of personal information so my concerns in this area are pretty minimal, but I do now think a lot harder about what I do post and how I tag it before I press submit, and show should you.


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