Getting Shot Was the Best Thing Ever To Happen To Him

Dan D’Amato, 45, thinks being shot by an AK-47 was the best thing to ever to happen to him.

While at a Florida motel, admittedly to meet a pair of prostitutes for a self-described “24 hour party” he ended up in a hospital with a bullet hole in his backside.

At 4am the night of the party he was sitting on the floor of the motel room when he was shot.  Video shows an assailant randomly shooting into the motel with an AK-47.  A bullet entered into D’Amato’s back and he stumbled into the front office for help.

While at the hospital for care, doctors found tumors growing on his lungs, one of which was a giant 3-4 pound mass.  The mass turned out not to be cancerous, but had been the cause of his consistent breathing issues that had bothered him for a long time.  D’Amato is also using the reprieve to turn the rest of his life around and realizing that hanging out with hookers, drugs and people he doesn’t know wasn’t the way he wanted to die.

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