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About five days ago Louis CK, the noted stand-up comic and everyman of the outstanding FX TV show, released online a video of his two nights at the Beacon Theater.

The reason this is a big deal is because Louis CK is doing this as a one man show.  He spent $170,000 to shoot the two nights with a very high end six camera setup, but he edited all of the footage himself on a MacBookPro laptop, and then posted it online to buy for only $5.  There are no restrictions, DRM, or anything really from you putting it up on Torrent, except your conscience.

That’s his point.  Louis CK spent his own money and hard work to make this video available to his fans at the cheapest possible price.  And while some total losers have already posted it on torrent sites, so many people have downloaded it for the $5 that he’s not only paid for the production, the website and whatever, he’s still profiting after only five days and has grossed $500,000.

He even had a fascinating, impromptu Q&A over on reddit (a forum for the nerdiest of web trolls), where he faced down a group that generally would be the first to steal and share and won them over with his honesty and explanation.

If you don’t know Louis CK, he’s the hottest comic going now.  His TV show is simply the best sitcom on TV simply because its so different, and he edits all of that himself too.  He’s honest, raw and can go from explicit to sweet in about three words.

#peterapproved – go spend the $5, download it.  I promise you will love it.

Here is a great interview on NPR

Click here to buy the video


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