Three Stooges Trailer Hits

Larry Fine (right) with Moe Howard and Curly H...

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The Farrelly Brothers have for a long time talked about making a movie of the Three Stooges.  And now it appears they have accomplished that, although the level of success is up for debate.

A new trailer (below) has been released and it is getting panned in the blogs, and truthfully this trailer does appear to be stupid, but there are little things here and there that give me hope this is more about a bad trailer than a bad movie.  Right off the bat, the voices sound right on point, and the differences in each characters’ appearance actually grow on me as the trailer moves.  I will admit the appearance of that fat pumpkin colored troll, Snooki could very much rule me out if she’s in the movie for any real amount of time.  I hate her that much.

Will SassoSean Hayes and Chris Diamantopoulos as Curly, Larry and Moe.  Yes, Larry is played by the guy that played “Jack” the very funny, flamboyant gay character on TV’s Will & Grace.

I trust the Farrelly Brothers very much.  I remember them talking about this project a long time ago, and they were really passionate and committed to honoring the three.  So, I hold out hope this movie won’t stink.

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