Carrier IQ – Why Are We So Shocked?

For those not in the know about this Carrier IQ hullabaloo, it turns out that pretty much every smartphone has some hidden stuff from a company called Carrier IQ that allows it to track and document all kinds of info from your phone.  All the way down, apparently, to keystrokes.

It started with a concern over Android based phones, but then was revealed to also be found in someways inside of iPhones too, but Apple is refuting that too.

Anyway, I guess I’m naive in thinking, duh, all of our use of this technology in some way, shape or form is being tracked – just like pretty much everything you do on the web – but lots of people are really upset about this.  I wonder what they’re doing with their phones…

Here’s some coverage – if you care.

Appleinsider (w/ video by guy really investigating this)

Complete Coverage by CNET