This is Where Humanity Should Start to Worry

A research group, Boston Dynamics, has been creating a new breed of robots for the last few years.  The most famous was a pair of “dog” like devices that are creepy and odd to watch maneuver.  Meet “Big Dog”… Notice it can’t be stopped.

After delighting people with that crazy thing for a while now they have something new to scare the piss out of you.

PETMAN – and if this doesn’t convince you that robots and computers will eventually be the death of us… Well, you’re in for a surprise Mister

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Ryan v Neil: My Dream Pairing Goes Nightmare

Crowded House has been my favorite band for the longest of time.  Yeah, today its “Dad Rock”, but I can go on and on about Neil Finn’s song writing craft and the list of peers that thinks he’s the best out there.  Whatever, I think Neil is the tits.  Last year CH came to Dallas on their tour and Catherine and I were able to meet him before the show.  The band had been taking requests via their website and playing one per show.  In the meeting I told him I had requested the rarity, “Lester”, and he said he’d try to remember.  Well, he did and it was the best concert going moment of my life.  See, Lester is a song about Neil’s dog after it is hit by a car, and Neil’s feelings about the dog.  The week prior to the show our dog, Harley, at the age of 16 died.  We were heartbroken and hearing Lester played live was really a magic moment for the two of us.

Ryan Adams was someone I became aware of because of Scott Richards, the old L&T producer I worked with for 10+ years.  Before the show started every morning Scott would play a variety of songs over the system as we linked to the satellite just to let affiliates know that we were there and getting ready for the show.  Intermixed in those songs were ones that always caught my ear and it wasn’t long before I was asking Scott who it was.  Finding out it was Ryan Adams, someone who I only had read about, but avoided because my impression was that it was too country for my liking, was a discovery.  Needless to say I’ve become a major fan, and my wife and I have been to three different shows, and in fact traveled to Atlanta to see the final Cardinals (his former band) show before they broke up.

Finding out that Ryan and Neil actually performed on stage together for a BBC4 taping of The Songwriters Circle excited me to no end.  Unfortunately we don’t get that channel stateside so watching it has been limited to You Tube videos (below).

The tragedy is that it appears the two got into some sort of argument on stage.  See, Ryan is a sensitive guy.  Neil probably is too, just not as famous for it.  Adams said he was upset that Neil and the other performer sang during his performances, while he sat quietly during theirs.  It seems there was a Finn song, “Fall at Your Feet” that the three were suppose to have done together and Ryan opted out.  This upset Neil, Neil said something to Ryan, Ryan said something back to Neil and I guess the whole taping almost crashed.  Sad, because there are some fine moments in the vids below.  You can sense the tension at the beginning of “Weather With You”, but ignore the drama and enjoy Adam’s performances of Invisible Riverside from his newest CD, “Ashes & Fire” and a flat out killer rendition of “Come Pick Me Up” – which appears to really have the other two on stage in awe.


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A Face Appears in a NutSack

This immediately rockets to the top levels of my “favorite stories” list.

A 45 year old Canadian man with terrible pain in his “twigs and berries” underwent an ultra sound to find the source of the pain.

What doctors found was so amazing they submitted it to Urology, a journal for the International Society of, uh, Urology…

The doctors wrote, “The residents and staff alike were amazed to see the outline of a man’s face staring up out of the image, his mouth agape as if the face seen on the ultrasound scan itself was also experiencing severe epididymo-orchitis.”

Yeah, that looks like the face of a dude who’s balls hurt like hell, embedded in the ball sack of a dude who’s balls hurt like hell.

I would SO have that printed on a giant canvas and hang it in my living room.


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Don’t Leave Your Shit At the Crime Scene

Two Swedish men have been arrested after DNA evidence proved they were at the scene of a robbery of a strawberry farmer. (I don’t make this stuff up)

The DNA evidence was that of poop from three different piles that we left behind at the scene near the farmer’s car which had been set on fire.

The evidence was enough to convict the two and sentenced to four years each in prison.


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Wiener Dog, LSD and Nudity

Sunday night north of Atlanta cops received calls of a naked man and woman running along a road.

Chemical Structure of LSD (Lysergic acid dieth...

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That would be Nicholas Modrich and Jamie Hughes who would go onto to run home naked, and were in the buff when cops knocked on the door.  According to police the pair was “tripping pretty hard” on LSD.

Just to make a funny story about LSD into a tragic story, it turns out the couple also had given some LSD to their dachshund, “Oscar” (wiener dog, get it? boy,  LSD does unleash one’s creative juices!).  Oscar escaped and wasn’t found until after it had been hit by a car and injured.  Oscar survived, but condition is unknown.

The couple arrested on drug charges, and likely animal abuse charges – but probably not for the lame-ass naming of the dog, the LSD part.


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16Ft Python Overeats…A Whole Deer

Florida wildlife officials shot a 16 ft python they found in the Everglades late last week in an attempt to stem the tide of the growing python population.

This time though they realized that something was odd.  Like the the fact the snake had recently eaten, something very large, and was 44 inches in diameter at its widest point – halfway down its body.  They cut open the snake, yes, like halving an inner tube, to reveal a full sized adult deer.  Fully intact, the deer weighed 76 pounds.

Pythons have begun to populate in the Everglades and elsewhere in Florida as owners release them into the wild when they realize that a 10ft or longer carnivore probably isn’t a good household pet.  The problem is that the snakes aren’t good for the fragile ecosystem that wasn’t intended for the serpents.

graphic pics!   Scroll down to see the deer inside the snake’s body… You don’t see this everyday


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get ready.  it’s gross.







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80 Year Old Man Falls Into Sinkhole

80 year old Michael Ciron walked out of his Long Island home Sunday morning to get his paper.

He ended up in a 8 foot hole in his front yard.  HIs screams woke up his daughter who called the rescue squad. By the time they arrived Ciron had pulled himself up far enough to get his head above the surface.  He got out “very sore”, but uninjured.

He suspects that the winter storm may have exposed an old well or cesspool.

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