Woman Phones in Terror Threat Against Ex-Booty Call

I imagine that Lizet Sariol is one of those girls you meet that has crazy eyes and you instantly know better than to have sex with her cause it’s just gonna end up in trouble.

Unfortunately for Adnen Mansouri he failed to heed the warnings, hooked up with Sariol on several different occasions and when he’d finally had enough of her and she wouldn’t stop hassling him for another booty-call, he unfriended her on Facebook.

Well, Lizet wasn’t…about…to…put…up…with…that

So, she called the FBI and informed them that Mansouri and his friend were boarding a flight at LAX and she had received threatening texts from them and suggested they were a terrorist threat.

Mansouri and his friend were apprehended before leaving LAX, and told the cops he wasn’t surprised after all the things Sariol had threatened to do to him.

Mansouri then proceeded to show authorities the endless stream of messages she’d left on his Facebook page and the text message he’d received from her,

“Don’t even try to get on the plane(.) called the FBI(.) Sucks to be all of you(.) Hope you all have good attorneys.”

The crazy bitch is now in custody facing all sorts of charges of false information and a $20,000 bond.

Remember, look for the crazy eyes.

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Turkey Build 2011

You may or may not know that I love to cook on a “Big Green Egg”.  This is a ceramic smoker design based on the very old kamado barbecue from southern Japan.  In the 70’s an American brought the design over and married with the advanced ceramic technologies of the States and the Big Green Egg was born.  While not cheap, the Egg is about as versatile as a cooker gets – from low and slow smoke to hot enough to sear.

Anyway, this Thanksgiving the turkey is being done on the Egg and I thought I’d document it for you.

First Mr. Turkey.  Here he is getting a good washing.

Then he gets put in a giant bag for brining for a day or so

Then today he was pulled out and put in the pan stuffed with apples and a lemon

Then my wife, Catherine, gives him a randy rub down

On to the egg it goes

Smoke, you little dirty bird

The finished product of yummy, tummy busting goodness… Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Meet Bane. One Bad M-F’er

Dark Knight Rises will be here on July 20, 2012.  Empire has a new interview with director Christopher Nolan and two covers that reveal not only a cool new Bat-Gadget, but also a good look at the main villian, Bane.

If you’ve read the comics, you know that Bane will be a different and violent opponent for Wayne, but in a different way than what was The Joker.  Bane is all about brute force and I have no doubt that if you consider how well Nolan captured the “dark” version of The Joker for the last movie, then it’s safe to assume we are in for a terribly sadistic movie version of Bane.  Bane is played by Tom Hardy (Inception), but most recently played a MMA fighter in “Warrior” which will come in handy for the fight scenes of the new Dark Knight, as Nolan describes,

“He’s brutal. Brutal. He’s a big dude who’s incredibly clinical, in the fact that he has a result-based and oriented fighting style. It’s not about fighting. It’s about carnage. The style is heavy-handed, heavy-footed, it’s nasty. Anything from small-joint manipulation to crushing skulls, crushing rib cages, stamping on shins and knees and necks and collarbones and snapping heads off and tearing his fists through chests, ripping out spinal columns. He is a terrorist in mentality as well as brutal action.”

Very good news is that in the same way the Nolan released a mind blowing, longish, sneak peek at Dark Knight that got everyone excited about Heath Ledger’s Joker, the upcoming Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol is said to have a similar 6-7 introduction to Bane and look at what the 3rd installment promises.

Can. Not. Wait.




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Spontaneous Combustion, It Happens

Sunday evening in Sweden, outside a train station, a man simply burst into flames.

Witnesses say the man was standing outside a record shop at the train station about 10:30 pm when, without warning, he caught on fire.

”He just stood there burning outside the shop. After a while he started screaming. There were a few people about but they just watched him. I ran up to him, tore my coat off and managed to put the fire out together with another guy,” a tram driver who had been returning from break, told the local paper Göteborgs-Posten.

The man survived and is in the hospital, but is under sedation as is too badly burned to speak to authorities.

It is speculated that flames may have been caused by his purchase at the record store of a Nickleback on vinyl.

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Its Now 4.74 Degrees of Separation

Eggheads at the University of Milan (who surprisingly actually research something other than sex and food) took to Facebook to find out if “six degrees of separation” was a real deal.

Turns out it actually is closer than we thought.

After looking at the 700+ million Facebook users they realized there were 69 billion connections, and that the connection to “friends” (loosely defined) is actually more like 4.74 hops and when you limit it to a country or smaller area it can fall under 3 hops.

Obviously social media is driving most of this change simply because you don’t have to “meet” someone to list them as a FB friend.  Stalking is so much easier when you have a common friend or acquaintance.

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Black Friday is Near, Don’t Get Trampled

Its simply become THE shopping day of each year.  Its also when we get a few deaths, and a lot of arrests from giant crowds all trying to get their hands on that $10 toaster or $1 bottle of Jack Daniels.

If you’re a rookie, don’t be skared.

There are tons of sites for the Black Friday deals.  But understand that the point to this for retailers is to just get you in the store.  The deals are in most cases just “loss leaders” with the hopes that you will not only take that $5 Ben Sherman shirt, but you will also buy the $500 Kenneth Cole suit to go along with it.

Get your smartphone ready, download the app “Google Shopper” (both iOS and Android) or the excellent “Shop Savvy” .  Use these when in the store to make sure that someplace else local or online doesn’t have it for a better price, or just to give you an idea of what a good, or not so good, deal that is.

Spend time online BEFORE Friday to look at the deals, find what you want and educate yourself.  Make sure that the BF price is really a significant deal.  In most cases anything less than 25% is not a “deal”.

The hard part are electronics, especially TV’s.  There are hundreds of deals in this segment and many really good ones.  But don’t buy a plasma just because it’s $200.  Many of the best deals on TV’s are not good deals for the dollar.  There are some on sale for just a little more that are much better performers and newer models.  Black Friday is a time when retailers want to rid themselves of older models, some of which really are already obsolete.

Some Black Friday sites:




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I Can’t Make This Shit Up

(IHIF – It Happened in Florida)

Meet the lovely Oneal Ron Morris.  She is actually a he, and was practicing medicine without a license.  Although what she was doing sounds more like some weird deleted scene of one of the umpteen “Saw” movies.

Morris was posing as a female, and a doctor, and offering her services of helping women with plastic surgery issues.  Taking the story from earlier this week,  of the women injecting silicone she bought from Home Depot a step further, Morris was promising the look of a giant ass but with the use of:

  • rubber cement
  • mineral oil
  • fix-a-flat (yes, tire inflator in a can)
  • and closing the wound with Crazy Glue.
Now, if you take a look at Morris, you will notice something odd about her lower half.  Yes, it looks like she has the saddlebags off of an old civil war pack mule in her pockets and her ass appears to have blown up like the nose end of the Goodyear blimp.  These are the results of Morris testing these new plastic surgery/tire repair/scrapbooking methods on her/him self with just the most awesome of results.
Anyway, Morris had been hired by a woman to help her achieve similar excellent results so that she could excel as a stripper.  For $700 a series of injections to different places on her ass resulted in sever pain and a trip to the hospital for abdominal pains and flulike symptoms.  The woman, too embarrassed to admit what she had done would leave before Dr’s could help her until finally her mom took her in.  She is now recovering but cannot work due to the pain.
Morris worries authorities that because she’s been on the lam for the last year and that she’d done this same thing to herself that there might be other women in bad condition simply too scared to tell anyone.
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Death By Wood Chipper

editor’s note: My apologies in the delay in posting this story, but it still deserves it’s place here.

Richard A Risinger of ALton, Illinois was working a tree trimming site last week when the most awful thing happened.

He was feeding limbs into the massive wood chipper when he clothing got caught in the device.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.  Very dead.

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#peterapproved: Charlie Brown Christmas for Tablets

If you follow me on Twitter (@peet2), you know that I will pass on things that I really like and think you should too, via the hashtag, #peterapproved.

Today I came across this new app for iPad and Android that takes the classic Charlie Brown Christmas cartoon and makes it an interactive experience on the tablet platform.  This is a great example of the potential of the tablet and how older stuff can be expanded with new digital extensions and experiences.

Thanks to Mike Orren for the head’s up

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Greatest Coffee Table Book. Ever.

Yes, that is a Buzz Lightyear stuffed up in that person’s back door.

There is a new book by three doctors called “Stuck up” and it is about the odd collection of things that have been found stuck inside various parts of the human body.

From toys to iPhones, extension cords, glasses, shoes and as described in the ad, it “features 100 X-ray images of foreign objects inserted into human bodies, accidentally or on purpose.”

Plus some hilarious excuses for how they got there.

“It was a million-to-one shot, Doc.”

“My hands were full.”

“I fell.”

One of the authors is quoted with this explanation, “Younger people will say that it happened because of a dare. But more people are willing to admit that the situation occurred because they were seeking sexual pleasure.”

Dear Santa, I want the book about people’s desperate need to find new, extreme heights of sexual pleasure – so much so – they will find any and all random household objects to insert into their neither regions in hopes they climax like Stan’s dad, Randy, in that South Park episode…  I’ve been a good boy this year… 




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